Wooden Barrel Spigot Taps & Dispensing Spouts for Sale & Wholesale

Spigot Spouts & Metal Taps for Wooden Barrels, Kegs, Casks & Containers - For Sale & Wholesale

At WineTapSupplies.Com we sell wooden, brass and stainless taps, spouts and spigots for wooden barrels, oak kegs, casks, stainless steel tanks or containers, glass bottles and jars. Our wooden barrel taps and dispensing spouts can be used for wine fermentation, spirits distillation, industrial beverage tanks and containers, pottery or ceramic jars, glass bottles and other dispensing applications.

These food grade metal taps, sampling valves and fittings are ideal for wine, vinegar and kombucha tea making, whiskey and distillates and olive or infused oils and water dispensing and can be supplied to private, wholesaler or commercial customer internationally in single, multiple or larger quantity.

small wooden barrel taps with brass rings

Since 2003 we have consistently expanded our specialized oenology taps and food grade spigots and faucets portfolio. In most cases, our range of wooden, brass metal, stainless steel and ABS food grade plastic taps, spigots, valves and winery fittings is in stock and can be shipped internationally.

These stainless steel, wooden and ABS food grade taps and fittings are meant for food grade applications including wine, kombucha and vinegar making. Metal and brass spigots can also be safely fitted to whiskey and spirit barrels and for wine dispensing.

Our wooden, metal and plastic taps, spigots and faucets come in three main threads;

  • the tapered taps that are meant for wooden barrels, kegs, casks and vats installation;
  • male threaded taps for stainless steel tanks and containers that can take a back nut;
  • smaller metal spouts and push button operable mini dispensers with expandable washers for easy fitting from the outside such as in apothecary glass jars, bottles and cruets.

We also stock and supply matching brass, stainless steel and ABS nuts, washers and tapered adapters that would fit into any BSP male threaded tap, spout or faucet to facilitate an easy fitting to wooden barrels, kegs or casks.

glass bottle with small tap

Small Brass, Stainless Steel Spigots and Taps for Infusion Glass Jars

BELOW: - Apothecary Tap and Infusion Jar Spouts: Small metal taps and valves in stainless steel, brass and chrome plating ideal for Apothecary Dispensers, Infusion Glass Jars, Ceramic Containers and other food grade dispensing applications.  Most of these dispenser taps can be fitted into a jar, bottle or container from the outside whilst others would need to have a back nut fitted from the inside. These mini taps and valves can be used for wine, olive oil, essential oils and perfume dispensing and come in different styles, sizes, finishes and operating mechanisms, including press button ones.

Tapered Brass Metal Spigots and Stainless Steel Taps for Wooden Barrels

SIDES: - Tapered Brass Taps and Spouts: The TBG range of small, medium sized and larger taper threaded brass spouts and spigots are meant for wooden barrel fitting and are ideal for wine and spirit dispensing.

Generally fitted to whiskey and spirits ageing wooden barrels, casks and kegs of any size whilst the larger brass spouts offer the facility to be padlocked if needed.

LEFT / BELOW: - Stainless Steel Taper Threaded Barrel Taps and Spigots: Fully food grade and used in professional wine making and spirit distilling aging wooden barrels and casks. These tapered spouts and sampling spigots come in various sizes and most are ball valve operated whilst others are press button or lever operated.

RIGHT: - Metal Tapered Taps and Spouts: The CBT range of food grade, tapered metal spigots is ideal for small, medium and larger wooden barrels or casks installation. These attractive spigots come in different sizes with two handle options and can fit 11mm to 20mm barrel outlets and are ideal for wine, port, whiskey and spirit serving and aging while enhancing the look of any barrel or keg.

Stainless Steel Male Taps and Spouts for Containers and Winery Tanks

RIGHT: - Stainless Steel Container Taps, Sampling Valve and Spouts :  A varied selection of professional, food grade taps and spouts for alimentary applications up to 1 inch BSP size and matching fittings. These large stainless steel wine taps and sampling spouts are fitted to medium and large tanks and containers used in commercial wineries and distilleries for wine and spiritsmaking.

BELOW LEFT: - Stainless Steel Container Taps : High quality, ball valve operated stainless steel sampling spigots for small and medium sized containers used for wine, vinegar, kombucha, cider making and other food grade applications.

ABOVE RIGHT: - Nickel Plated Brass Male and Tapered Wooden Barrel Spouts : A less expensive food grade tap option for wine and olive oil dispensing is available in various male and tapered threads for wooden barrels, casks and kegs and containers of all sizes.

Wall Mountable Wine Bottle Corkscrews and Tapered Wooden Barrel fittings

BELOW LEFT: - Wine Bottle Cork Openers: Introducing two, vintage and classic looking crank operated wall mount wine bottle cork extractors and a discreet pocket sized wine bottle corkscrew. Unique and hard to find wall mounted wine bottle corkscrews in solid brass that and do make a great heirloom gift.

ABOVE: - Tapered Fittings: Taper threaded fittings in various sizes, materials and designs that do thread into any male 3/8'', 1/2'' and 3/4'' BSP matching spout or valve to facilitate their installation into wooden barrels, kegs and casks or adapted to hold a pipe and release or ventilate air.

LEFT: - ABS Plastic Tapered Taps and Male threaded Spouts: Are durable, food grade ABS plastic taps and matching taper threaded 'cones' which in turn fit into our male threaded BSP taps to facilitate their installation into wooden barrels, casks and vats.

BELOW: - Wooden Barrel Spigots: Tapered wooden taps, wooden barrel spigots come in different sizes to fit most barrels, kegs and casks.

Trade, Wholesaling and Individual Ordering and Inquiries: We can supply single, wholesale and larger quantities of our food grade taps, spouts, valves and fittings to private individuals, resellers and corporate customers within Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and internationally for professional and amateur wine, port, vinegar, whiskey and distillates, olive oil, kombucha tea, juices and beverage dispensing and making and other projects. More information here.

For Pricing, Availability or Questions: Contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited by E-Mail at info@winetaps.eu or call at +356 21 632623