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Winery grade barrel taps & spigots from WineTapSupplies.Com

Stainless Steel Spout for Steel Containers

Stainless steel tap for small containers & tanks

Small stainless steel spigot for oak barrel
Stainless steel tap for wine barrel

Tap in stainless steel for small & larger containers & tanks

The TSS01 wine tap range is a food grade tap that can be installed to small and medium sized steel tanks and containers. These male beverage spigots come with matching foodgrade washers and backnuts but can also be fitted with a tapered fitting. The latter enables easy installation into small and larger wooden barrels from the outside. This long lasting tap is aslo made from winery grade AISI304 stainless steel and is also ideal for amateur wine making enthusiasts.

Stainless steel spigots for wine container
TSS01 male stainless steel tap range use:

Foodgrade spigot for stainless steel containers & tanks

These winery grade stainless steel taps available in 4 sizes and male threaded in 3/4'', 1/2'', 3/4'' and 1 inch BSP. Such stainless steel beverage taps can be used for wine and spirits dispensing and olive oil and vinegar sampling.

Spout for wine tank
TSS01 stainless steel male tap range dimensions:

Stainless steel male tap

TSS01 3/8'' tap for 16mm holes;

A: 55mm, B: 20mm, C: 16mm, D: xxmm, Weight: 150gr.

TSS01 1/2'' tap for 21mm holes;

A: 55mm, B: 20mm, C: 21mm, D: xxmm, Weight: 200gr.

TSS01 3/4'' tap for 26mm holes;

A: 70mm, B: 20mm, C: 26mm, D: xxmm, Weight: 250 gr.

TSS01 1'' tap for 31mm holes;

A: 80mm, B: 20mm, C: 31mm, D: xxmm, Weight: 300 gr.

Material - AISI304 Stainless steel

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We do ship internationally to barrel makers, traders, wholesalers and private customers.
Suppliers of male taps and winery and distillery fittings

Renaissance Arts Company Limited is a Malta, European based enterprise that for the past 20 years has been supplying an ever increasing selection of quality barrel taps and tapered fittings to traders, individuals and corporate customers internationally.

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